Soldiers of Biblical Reformation

Advancing Christ's authority in life

The Will of God Extends to All Things

God has set up five specific jurisdictions on Earth for our age.  Each is a realm of government with limitations and principles of its own.  The five jurisdictions are the individual, the family, the economy or marketplace, the church, and the civil government.

Every believer in Christ has obligations in each of these areas.  Christ holds all authority in heaven and on Earth, and we must fulfill His will in each area.  When we study Scripture to learn what we are to do to honor God in these five jurisdictions, and carry out our responsibilities, we are able to bring Him the glory He deserves from our life.

The implication of this truth is that God's people must address the issues of the day in politics, business, relationships, technology, and more!  The Gospel was not intended by our Saviour as a "sit-on-the-pew-free" card.  His Word makes a difference in the real world.